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Back in 1981, this then youthful person and later a 1990s wannabe web designer blew the last of his meagre student grant on an Olympus 2N SLR with a 55mm lens. The investment  proved a good one because the very same camera  functioned well until 2002, with only the occasional oiling (when it was superceded with a Canon digital). The pictures on this website have been selected on a largely impersonal basis and you are free to download & print them out unaltered for your personal use only. If you wish to use them for any other purpose then you must firstly seek permission. This will not normally be granted for any commercial or unethical purpose involving any picture (or part thereof) from this site, whether in its original or any modified format.

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Pictures copyright The Meikle family, Gullane East Lothian, Scotland. UK

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